Hey! I just wanted to share a bit about my photography style with you and the locations I choose for your sessions. I absolutely adore being outdoors, if you haven’t already figured this out by my regular hammock hangs and outdoor work space for the nicer days! So you’ll often find me snapping pics at beaches or in luscious meadows where the beauty of the natural world really shines and so can you. I choose locations where you can really relax and have a bit to fun too.

I carefully select locations in reflection to my brand styling and I love how the soft, neutral tones of a beach create the perfect canvas for photos, while the natural light just adds this peaceful, timeless earthy vibe to the images. It’s all about capturing that emotional connection and creating a warm, inviting feeling in every shot.

Living up in the North East of England is a dream for a nature-loving photographer like me. I’ve got access to some seriously stunning locations for photoshoots, whether you’re looking for some family photos or want to boost your personal brand. From the beautiful beaches of Northumberland and South West coast Scotland, to the scenic Scottish Borders and beyond, there’s no shortage of picturesque spots to choose from. So let’s get outside and capture some magic together!

A few of my favourite locations m:

Stockfield: A picturesque village with lush fields and woods, featuring a gorgeous ford perfect for splashing in. Ideal for capturing a peaceful countryside vibe, particularly gorgeous in Autumn with the gorgeous colour of the leaves lining the fords.

Ponteland: A charming village surrounded by green spaces, rivers, and historic architecture, blending tradition with nature beautifully.

Cresswell: Known for its stunning coastline and sandy beaches, Cresswell dunes offer dynamic backdrops that highlight nature’s beauty.

Hexham: This market town boasts a mix of historic and natural beauty, with rolling hills, scenic rivers, and the ancient Hexham Abbey. Particularly a favourite location of mine in the Autumn where we can walk along the river surrounded by trees for miles with gorgeous golden tones.

Newcastle: This vibrant city is the perfect location for a more Urban look to your photos, with streets full of colourful graffiti, iconic bridges for days crossing the River Tyne and a whole host of stunning architecture.

Castle Douglas: Located in South West Scotland, this town offers vibrant agricultural landscapes and picturesque lochs. A stones throw away from gorgeous beaches where mature forests meets the sea.

Dumfries and Galloway: These coastal areas, where the beaches are warmed by the Gulf Stream are ideal for capturing both daytime and nighttime photos, showcasing their natural beauty.

These locations in the North East of England and South West Scotland provide rich and diverse backdrops, making them perfect for capturing the essence of outdoor and nature photography for both family and personal branding shoots.

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