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Born, Bred and based in Stocksfield, Northumberland, I am a photographer and film maker with a real connection to the countryside, nature and the outdoors. I’m a proper ‘country bumpkin’ so you won’t find me driving through town very often! However you will find me spending a lot of the spring/summer on the South-west coast Scotland and Scottish Borders enjoying their beautiful beaches and warm tides too.

I’m known as Mummy to my two beautiful children Isla and Harris. They are my sole inspiration for starting my photography journey almost 8 years ago. 

I absolutely hate being in-front of the camera, but I also know how important it is to get in photos too, so if you’re a mum who’s not a fan of being on the other side, you’re not alone, but these photos with you in them are SO important, for you and your family! I ADORE all the photos I do get with my children I have no doubt you will too! Getting photos of myself is also so important for my business so that you lot can see the face behind the content.

I’m the fun and wild lady who’s going to take that photo. The one of you and your children, giggling together, makes you smile whenever you see it and the one that takes you back to the very moment it was taken and how happy and content you felt in that moment. It’s the photo you show off to everyone and their aunty. The one you use as your screensaver, your profile picture, on every personalised card you make and wish you could use it every year for the rest of time. That’s me!

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My passion for capturing true emotion, connection and love blossomed in 2015 when Isla, my eldest, was born. Getting photos of her giggling into my chest while I blew a raspberry on her neck or being spun around by her Daddy are the photos and videos I really love to look back on the most. 

 The ones with meaningful moments engrained in them. I can really ‘feel’ those moments when I look back at them. I can remember how she smelt and how soft her fuzzy little head felt. That was the moment I realised that capturing these connected moments and giving you chance to indulge in quality time together would make me so happy, and it’s so important we do it. I want to help you to make time to breathe each other in, to slow down and take in these moments to cherish for a lifetime.

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Northumberland Photographer and Film Maker, Alice x,


Northumberland Photographer and Film Maker, Alice x,

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